Responding to the Collage Impulse

Responding to the Collage Impulse…

Solace, quiet contemplation and creative play provide an antidote to our busy, noisy and increasingly mediated day-to-day experiences. When engaging in these quieter activities, we seek a balance between fast-paced lives and that rich interior existence that brings together memory, imagination, emotions, and the sensory and poetic awareness of the complex layers of experience that make up our identity and our understanding of the world.

That is what making art does for me. Working with collage and assemblage helps me to understand and synthesize my life experience, to make the intangible physical. It also helps me to transform the difficult side of life into beauty.

I often look to the written word, found text and poetry as important stepping-off points for my work that both directly reflects my own life experience and the world around me.  In my assemblage pieces and collages the elements used and the organization or treatment of space often references dreams, memories, experiences, architectural spaces (especially a stage structure) and a modernist influenced language of color, shape, line and diagrammatic mark-making.